All Saints Church Jakarta

Christian church

As a Christian church in Jakarta we seek to spread the word of the gospel; the good news that because of Jesus life, death and resurrection we can be restored to God as his children. Our Mission Statement is:
‘To know and make known the love of Jesus’

All Saints is a great name for our church. All Saints refers to everyone who loves Jesus and who has come to our Church in the past, right now and in the future. All Saints is an International Church with people from many countries coming together to celebrate new life in Jesus and support each other to live out the one in whom we believe, the one who is our saviour and Lord.

What we believe

We believe God guides us and helps us to guide others. He does so by his Holy Spirit. To know God it is important to continuously pray, and share our lives. Therefore we minister to all age groups; adults and children. In small groups we pray and share in a personal way, in church we meet, pray and share as a community.

A fellowship

We choose to be a fellowship of believers who closely follow Christ Jesus. In Sunday services our ministers preach from the bible and help us to understand Christ. How he died for our sins and loves us deeply. New materials and insights, like books and video materials, are often used as they help us to continuously be inspired by the gospel in new ways. Through the sacraments we meet with God as well In the power of the Holy Spirit, All Saints makes the gospel known to the English-speaking community. The fruit of the Spirit demonstrates our faith in Christ. We believe that through the words of the bible read and explained, through encountering God and through music the Spirit touches us. In our ministries we get to share the fruit of the Spirit.

Making known the love of God

All Saints disciples those who respond to the gospel of Jesus. Therefore we encourage people in their faith by organizing home groups, faith courses and special events. During Sunday services we teach all ages, both adults and children. Just as in the New Testament times, we share the gospel this way.
A feature of All Saints’ mission is to encourage and support the Christian Church in Indonesia. The church’s Outreach program supports 27 projects across the country, including old people’s homes, scholarships for students, orphanages and rehabilitation of the disabled.