Seasonal Services

Seasonal Services

Advent and Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year with family and friends, holidays, gifts and food on our minds. But the real reason for the season is the celebration of Jesus’ birth; the coming of Jesus the first time. The 4 weeks leading into Christmas is called in the religious calendar – Advent when we remember the promises of Jesus’ first coming and look forward to his return. And so for that reason we at All Saints mark Advent and Christmas in special ways.

As the Church Services start during the Sundays of Advent, candles are lit after hearing from God’s word and praying that Advent will focus us on Christ and his coming the first time and his promised return.

Also, usually on the first Sunday in December, All Saints Menteng has a special Christmas All Aged Service, whilst at All Saints South Jakarta the combined choir perform. The 2nd Sunday in December has the Combined Choir at All Saints Menteng and All Saints’ South Jakarta hold their All Aged Service.

On Christmas Eve (24th December) each year there is a very special Carols by Candlelight Service held at 6:30 pm at All Saints South Jakarta in the Pondok Indah Global School hall and at 6:30 pm Bi-Lingual at Menteng. It is an event for all the family, with lots of carols and candles and hearing the bible read, telling us the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth.

Also on Christmas Eve is a Midnight Service at All Saints’ Menteng which starts at 11pm and finishes around midnight; ‘seeing in’ Christmas. Everyone is welcome.

Christmas Day Services (25th December) are Communion Services at both All Saints Menteng (at 9 am and Bi-Lingual Service at 11:15 am) and All Saints South Jakarta (at 9 am). These Christmas services are whole family ‘friendly’.

Easter, Lent and Holy Week

The Lent and Easter period, along with Christmas, is an exceptional time to reflect on what God has done for humanity in sending Jesus and the achievements of his death and resurrection in securing our forgiveness, salvation and hope.

Lent is the period of 40 days before Easter when often Christians give something up to help them focus on the cost of our forgiveness. All Saints celebrates Lent by holding an Ash Wednesday Service (Ash Wednesday is the day before Lent starts) at Menteng 6:30 pm. The Service is a Communion Service and everyone is welcome.

All Saints celebrates Holy Week with Special Services on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Day, with palm branches. Services are at the usual times of 9 am at All Saints Menteng and 10:30 am at All Saints’ South Jakarta. Palm Sunday commemorates the day, six days before his death that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, with a huge crowd cheering him.

On the night before Good Friday, the night that the Jewish festival of Passover would begin, Jesus had a last meal with his 12 disciples and started the Christian tradition which has become the Communion Service. As well as doing that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples setting them an example of very humble, and ‘smelly’ service. All Saints' holds a time of communion and foot washing on our Maundy Thursday Service at All Saints Menteng at 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Commencing at the end of the Maundy Thursday Service is a 12 hour prayer vigil (from 7:30pm till 7:30 am) where church members are asked to choose one hour (eg 12 midnight till 1 pm etc) to pray in their home or wherever they feel comfortable. Suggested prayer points are provided. Contact the church and choose a time slot.

Good Friday Service is a time when as one congregation we remember the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross on our behalf. Good Friday Communion Service is held at 9 am and 11:15 am (Bi-Lingual) at All Saints’ Menteng.

Easter Day is a day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus; the tomb that once held Jesus was empty; our forgiveness assured, justice will come and our hope of eternal life is secured. What a great thing to celebrate. Communion Services are held at 7:30, 9:00 and 11:15 am at All Saints’ Menteng and at 10:30 am at All Saints’ South Jakarta.

Ascension Day

40 days after Jesus came back to life again he went into heaven so that he could be seated at God’s right hand in power – this is what we celebrate on Ascension Day. Ascension Day is the day when Jesus is made by God; the Lord, the ultimate ruler of all space and time; past, present and future.

Ascension Day is always a Thursday and is a public holiday in Indonesia. On Ascension Day All Saints gathers with the other English speaking churches of Jakarta to celebrate together our common Lord and Saviour.

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