What is Outreach?

A significant part of All Saints’ mission is to encourage and support the growth of the Christian church in Indonesia. Toward that end, directly and indirectly, we have an active outreach program.

The church’s Outreach program supports about 23 projects across the country, including children’s homes, old people’s homes, scholarships for students and rehabilitation of the disabled. The aim of our Outreach ministry is to share the love of Jesus in Indonesia.

Supported Projects

Our projects are grouped under three main priorities:

  1. Projects that strengthen Indonesian Christian leadership

  2. Projects which directly share the gospel through bible translations, Christian literature and evangelism

  3. Projects which share the love of Jesus indirectly through Christ-like ministries to the poor and needy.

For a list of projects that we currently support, please click here.

Outreach Committee

Our Outreach Committee carefully manages all the projects and the resources received. The committee seeks to obtain additional support whenever possible, and encourages members of the Church to become active as project coordinators. There are currently more than 20 such coordinators, but there is room for many more.

Our dedicated coordinators who are all members of All Saints serve on a volunteer basis in our Outreach Committee. Some are long term residents in Indonesia and some are here only for a short period of time. All our coordinators keep in close contact with the projects we support and channel news updates, needs and help between the projects and All Saints. We believe this personal touch is extremely important to maintain good stewardship of the donations entrusted to the Outreach Committee.

The committee has evaluation procedures each year to ensure that the projects are still meeting our criteria and are able to respond to any changes in the needs or the situation of the projects. Just being in close contact with the people at our projects who give unselfishly so much of their lives to help others is such an eye opener for us as Coordinators, and we have received a great blessing too as we see God work through these projects.