Our outreach program is part of our church that is not very visible to visitors and members that join our church on Sundays. To be part of it you have to actually go to our projects and be part of the organization. For our members to have an understanding of the size of the projects we run, an outreach fair is organized at the end of every year. Apart from that our coordinators try to plan a few mission trips a year. These trips allow church members to visit outreach projects we sponsor.
All Saints Church Jakarta

Outreach fair

Once a year All Saints invites all the projects of our outreach program to be part of a fair. This fair is planned right after a regular church service, so that regular church members have a chance to see what’s going on in our outreach program. Projects present themselves through shows, stands and talks. It is a great way to get to share the love of Christ with people from Indonesia.

Mission trips

Outreach is not just about money, that is why a mission trip is the best way to understand what Outreach is about: sharing the love of Christ with local organizations. To actually see the people in need we sponsor, to be able to talk to them and encourage them in their work is a very special thing to do. We try to organize a few trips each year. In the beginning of this year we had a trip to meet the people of Kampus Diakoni Modern, a faith based ministry to provide railway and street children with a better future. At the end of this year we’ll go to Yogyakarta.