All Saints Church Jakarta

Developing Christian Ministry

The All Saints’ Leadership Centre is a Centre of applied Christianity for teaching, learning, training, assisting and encouraging Christian Leaders. To be able to do so, All Saints Anglican Church has formed a partnership with Perkantas and GAI. Together we hope to develop a centre of excellence in Christian Ministry.

We do so by uniting the resources of All Saints and Christians in Indonesia with resources around the world, in the areas of family, church, work, business, educational, public, national and international life. This way we mean to strengthen, support and encourage Christians, especially leaders, using resources from Indonesia and overseas, in a variety of areas of life so that Christians are able to make a more effective contribution to the church and to the nation.

The All Saints’ Leadership Centre caters for many different kinds of people, but especially for: English speaking expatriates, Professionals and graduates, Business people, Church and community leaders, Anglican clergy and Leaders in community development organisations