We encourage members to not only attend our church services, but to become an active member. Sharing your talents with the congregation helps you to get to know people from church in a more personal way and helps you to feel at home. An easy way to be involved is through one of our ministry teams.
All Saints Church Jakarta

Music team

Every Sunday we are blessed to sing wonderful worship songs that complete our services in a special way. Singers, pianists, flutists, guitarists and drummers join together in a band and guide us into worship. The songs we sing are from the book ‘songs of fellowship’, and we do our best to keep our repertoire up to date. The music team is not a steady band. We are a group of people that play in church different combinations, as a roster allows us. Please feel free to join our music team if you feel music is one of your way to worship.

Prayer team

A group of people is involved in prayer for the church. Not just praying but also organising activities concerning prayer. Like the new initiative to be prayed for after church. Or preparing the prayers during the services.

Logistics team

To be able to safely attend our services a logistics team helps to make plans for safety, what to do in time of evacuation. They also provide all the logistics nessecary for special events, like when we have a outreach fair or another special service.

Welcoming team

An important part of our ministry is to help people feel at home in our church. That is what the welcoming team is for. Apart from welcoming you at the entrance of the church, they also decorate the church and organise welcoming lunches for newcomers.

All Saints Church Jakarta

Children and youth team

We are blessed with a large amount of families attending our services. Blessed, as this helps us to minister not only adults but children as well. We do so during church services by organising Sunday school to children from the age of 3-12, and teen discussion groups for our teenagers. The children are devided over different age groups and each group has a group of leaders taking turns in preparing the classes. Please join as a Sunday school teacher, as it helps you share the gospel in a totally different way.

All Saints Church Jakarta

Outreach committee

A significant part of All Saints’ mission is to encourage and support the growth of the Christian church in Indonesia. Toward that end, directly and indirectly, we have an active outreach program, supporting 24 projects across the country. Our Outreach Committee carefully manages all the projects and the resources received. The committee seeks to obtain additional support whenever possible, and encourages members of the parish to become active as project coordinators. There are currently more than 25 such coordinators, but there is room for many more.