Are you interested in Christianity, faith and God, and would like to know more? We strongly advice you not to just read whatever you can find on the internet, BUT: to contact us and make an appointment. Faith is something you share, that’s the best way to understand the most important thing: God loves us and specially made you the way you are.

If you are just looking for background information on some topics, here are some articles that might help you on your way.

> How to help your children grow in faith
> Healing hurts
> Grieving
> Famous anglican prayers


Apart from articles you might be interested in books on Christianity. English language books are easily ordered in Jakarta through Some books we can recommend:

  • The Prodigal God, Timothy Keller
  • Counterfeit Gods, Timothy Keller
  • Radical, David Platt
  • God never blinks, Regina Brettv
  • Married for God, Christopher Ash
  • Honey for a Child’s heart, Gladys Hunt

Other downloads from our website

> Overview of our Outreach projects
> Example of prayers on different occasions